Learn The 3 Weight Loss Secrets That Will Allow You To Transform Your Body Successfully.

Ok, I know that maybe you are a bit afraid to start your weight loss journey, you are afraid of failing, you are afraid it will be very difficult for you, but I want to show you how easy it is to start losing weight in a healthy and permanent way, when you know the right way to do it.

So today I will finally show you the 3 secrets that you NEED to know and put into practice to lose weight, build the body you want and live the life you deserve from now on.

If you follow these simple but effective weight loss concepts, I am sure that you will achieve your final goal and you will be proud of yourself when you do it, just as Kaelin did, and all the women to whom she has taught these powerful secrets.

SECRET #1: Stop starving yourself, eating more is actually the KEY to losing more.

Yes, I told you that it would be something totally different from what you knew about weight loss, I was also surprised when Kaelin showed me this first secret, but then I understood everything, so now let me explain why “eating more” is the first thing you have to do in order to lose weight.

When you eat food, there is a hormone released called Leptin, this is what you could call your fat burning hormone. It’s primary responsibility is to tell your brain that you are getting enough nutrients throughout the day to continue burning calories efficiently and also tells your body that you’re full.

On the other side of the hormone spectrum, there’s a hormone in your body called Ghrelin, it has the complete opposite effect on your body, not only does it promote fat storage, but Ghrelin is commonly referred as the hunger hormone.

Meaning that whenever you have feelings of hunger throughout the day, that’s because your body has been producing too much Ghrelin and too little Leptin.

When this happens…

  • You get excruciating feelings of hunger (almost painful sometimes).
  • Your metabolism slows down.
  • And, your fat storage goes through the roof!

This is why it feels like everything you eat just gets stored as fat in all the wrong places, because actusally it does! This is also why whenever you start dieting, you lose a couple pounds in the beginning, but then you hit a wall, then you binge eat, and you gain it all back (if not more.)

I say “if not more”, because your metabolism has now slowed down even more, because one of the main benefits of Leptin is a boost in your metabolic rate, tbt, when you decrease the rate of production for the hormone responsible for telling your brain that you’re getting enough calories to continue burning calories, your metabolic rate slows down and you start burning less and less calories every day from the same amount of activity.

This is when you find yourself working out, only to gain weight, rather than actually seeing significant weight loss.

Because let me tell you this, your brain is not worried about losing 20 pounds to look good for vacation, it’s worried about surviving and if there’s a shock to your system where you’re not getting the nutrients that you need every day It goes into starvation mode, and this is what makes you think that you have bad genetics.

It’s not your genetics, it’s just an imbalance of hormones that can be reset quite easily, (which I’ll get to here in a second.)

The weight loss industry has been lying to us for decades, you’ve been told to cut the calories, you’ve been told to eat less than 1000 calories a day, have you ever heard this?

The truth is that It’s not about the amount of calories you eat, it’s about the SOURCE of the calories, there’s a big difference between 1000 calories of oreos and 1000 calories of sweet potatoes.

You have to get the right nutrients in your body, you need food that actually fuels your body. If you eat a meal and feel tired afterwards – this is why!

You’ve also been told that you have to give up going out to eat to lose the weight, but that’s a huge lie, the truth is, you just need to learn how to order correctly and your problems are solved, you can still go out to eat and lose weight.

Ok, here is another thing, you’ve also been told carbs are the enemy, right? Kaelin told me that when she was 65 pounds overweight, she went on a no-carb diet and she was miserable!

She couldn’t even remember her name or her phone number, she was super moody, she was crashing and sick all of the time, and could barely peel herself off the couch, so she was like a zombie.

The actual truth about carbs?

GOOD CARBS have been wrapped into the bad reputation of BAD CARBS (aka “Simple Carbs”) like sugar and candy.

BAD CARBS are the ones that make you gain fat! But your body needs COMPLEX CARBS (the good ones) to operate and function. Do not let people tell you that you can’t have carbs, the RIGHT CARBS are amazing for you, and you need them to burn fat.

Are you confused now? Don’t worry, Kaelin actually designed a simple solution to the “food part”, it is called The Blocking Method and I’m going to break this down for you in just a second.

But first, think about this, the food you eat not only what fuels your body for energy, but fuels your body for weight loss! Almost every person and program gets this wrong. Most people have an “eat less to lose more” way of thinking…when really it’s “EAT MORE to Lose MORE”. Doesn’t that sound better to you?

Our bodies are smarter than us. “Gurus” and programs are always trying to get us to manipulate our bodies – to take out certain food groups in order to lose weight, like carbs or fats, but this is false advertising, and completely destructive to the human body, why?

Scientific research actually shows us – that when you deplete a macronutrient from your diet, your body actually tries to hold on to it harder. Your body is primal, and it will do anything in order to survive, so it will morph into a raging fat magnet if it thinks it needs to protect itself.

For example, when you cut carbs, your body starts to freak out, because it’s an essential nutrient for your body to be able to operate correctly, sure, initially, you will lose weight (Studies show that) but your body is smarter and it will adjust itself to take what it needs – making you gain weight – (often massive weight in the long run).

Meaning, beyond the initial weight loss, your body then goes into starvation mode for carbs because it doesn’t know the next time it’s going to receive them, it needs carbs for the brain to be able to survive, so then your body starts to hold on to every single gram that it can get, and stores it as fat.

This makes you gain back all of the weight PLUS some, while also slowing your metabolism, and let me tell you, this “Survival Fat” is the hardest fat to get off.

You really don’t want to cut out any of the macronutrients that your body needs, You have to FUEL your body… not starve it.

On top of the weight loss industry trying to make you try crazy things to lose weight, they also try to make it SUPER complicated to understand what you’re actually doing. They want to keep you in the dark because it’s easier for them to sell new fads to us that way.

Fitness people, “health gurus”, programs, they try to make the nutrition side of weight loss soo difficult to understand…because they want you to have to need them. The more confused they can keep you about your nutrition, the more you’ll have to pay them for programs and help.

That’s why Kaelin created “The Blocking Method” as a system that makes weight loss nutrition simple and easy to understand.

– No more food scales…

– No calorie tracking…

– No macro counting.

So “what the heck is The Blocking Method, Heather?”

The Blocking Method is the solution for rapid and sustained weight loss, the Blocking Method is an easy way to build a healthy meal based on the 4 fundamental building blocks of your body:

  1. Proteins
  2. Vegetables
  3. Carbohydrates
  4. Fats

Each Block is equal in importance, but not in size. You snap each block together to form a healthy meal.

Weight loss results are fastest when these “blocks” are stacked together for 3 meals each day, and here’s the best part, you still can have delicious, mind blowingly yummy food if you follow the blocking method.

Literally 10’s of thousands of Kaelin’s clients have been getting astounding results with this system because it’s easy for anybody to do. It leaves you feeling FULL instead of hungry, and you can do it without giving up all the food you love.

SECRET #2: This is a simple yet obvious exercise secret crucial to fat loss that men use all the time, but for some reason women fail to take advantage of… It’s called: The “Afterburn Effect”

Most women think that in order to lose weight, they need to go to the gym and do hours of cardio. Ever thought that? That the only way to lose weight was to get on the elliptical, or the treadmill, or the stairmaster, or the bike, and grind away for hours on end?

Even just thinking about doing cardio everyday, Monday – Friday, can be overwhelming, and it can be hard on your joints if you’re overweight.

It’s no wonder most women don’t ever find results or satisfaction from doing endless cardio, but what if I told you that by tapping into this “Afterburn Effect” you’ll never have to do daily cardio again? (or even traditional cardio ever again at all).

To clarify, traditional cardio is what you see people doing every single time you walk in the gym (people going at one steady pace anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes). This can be:

  • Jogging on a treadmill.
  • Climbing a stair master.
  • Riding a bike.
  • Doing the elliptical.
  • …or anything else like that.

I want you to say goodbye to all of that for good, why? Because, aside from the fact that you would end up absolutely hating working out sooner rather than later and then just stop going, there’s just much better option.

I mean, let’s be real… how can I expect you to go from very little, or maybe even no cardio every week to doing it every single day? It’s just not realistic, I’ve been seeing so many failed weight loss journeys to just expect that you’ll change your workout habits so drastically forever just like that in a blink of an eye.

You need to dip your foot in, you need to test the waters, do something that proves it’ll get results, first, and when it happens, then you’ll be a little more motivated to really invest.

So let me ask you this, If there was a way to spend only 45 minutes per week exercising but you’d burn calories literally 24/7 from just that 45 minutes, and burn more than double the amount of calories that you would’ve before, would you be interested?

This is the reality of the second secret that Kaelin revealed to me, The “Afterburn Effect” and you can start getting the benefits of The Afterburn Effect easily from home, without any equipment, no matter what your current body type or activity level is.

Let me explain this new way to torching fat without countless hours of cardio, actually it’s quite simple, Kaelin wants you to start with just 15 minutes a day, 3 days a week, doing one of 2 special exercise types: Afterburn at Home or Afterburn at the Gym workouts.

These workout types are unique because they trigger a specific metabolic process called EPOC or (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption). In a nutshell, your body uses up your oxygen stores, and when this happens, it then has to replenish those oxygen stores, but the kicker is, your body burns calories the entire time it takes to do this, which is up to 48 hours.

Which means, just one simple 15-minute “Afterburn at Home” workout session can burn calories for up to two days!

Now, it’s important to note that to get the benefits of The Afterburn Effect, you need to do certain workouts at certain intervals on certain days of your training, if you don’t do the right ones on the right days, you won’t get that Afterburn effect that burns fat literally 24/7.

Afterburn workouts are made specifically for women looking to start losing weight as fast as possible. These are guaranteed to give you incredible fat loss results in the shortest period of time… if you do them.

Like I said we’re only talking about starting with a 15-minute Afterburn at Home workout three times per week, that’s it! But here’s the best part, you can do them from home with ZERO equipment.

I know the gym can be intimidating, so start from your living room with Afterburn At Home workouts and build your confidence, then, I’ll show you how to crank up your results even more with Afterburn At The Gym, later on.

SECRET #3: Throw Away Your Scale.

When Kaelin told me this, I could not be more in agreement with her, since I felt the same for a long time, and probably you are also going through the same situation.

Your scale has been setting you up to fail since the very first time you started trying to lose weight. Let me Explain, you’ve been told that there is a certain timeline in which you have to get results, that you should be losing 30 pounds in 6 weeks, or be at X amount of weight in just 12 weeks.

The truth is, the goal has to be a lifestyle change, because your life is different than suzy’s life. Every woman’s body is different. You can’t look at Suzy who lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks and say, “Well, I’ve only lost 5 pounds my first month, so I’m failing! It’s not working! I quit.” Because let’s be honest... that’s why we quit, right?

We compare our results to someone else’s!

Maybe Suzy doesn’t have kids…

Maybe Suzy doesn’t work full time…

Maybe Suzy’s body is different because ALL our bodies vary at different level.

Are you getting this right? There is no perfect timeline for getting results! And on top of that, the scale is a big fat liarThe scale can’t tell the difference between muscle and fat, the density of the muscle you’re building during your workouts aren’t being considered.

Even though you’re slimming down…You’re losing inches, your pants are falling off, you’re becoming more compact and fit, you’re losing fat, the scale says you’ve gained weight!

So if you just go by the scale you will self sabotage your results! Countless TV commercials and weight loss propaganda have tried to convince you that it’s “easy” to lose 30 pounds in 30 days if you just “call now and buy with 5 easy payments of $49.99”. Weight loss companies are trying to sell you a result they cannot deliver!

So the truth is that you need to throw out your scale, don’t let the number, or other peoples’ results define you, because you will be let down and you don’t deserve that.

These same 3 secrets have changed the lives of thousands of women and will change your life as well.

Kaelin had been teaching these 3 weight loss secrets only to their clients, and all of them have obtained impressive results, but now you already know all the secrets too, so you have all the information you need to start making your own weight loss transformation and get your new amazing body.

These 3 secrets are really the keys to losing weight, and will be your best weapons to reach your weight loss goal without being hungry all day, without buying anything expensive, and without risking your health. Look below some of the results that Kaelin’s clients have obtained after applying these 3 secrets in their lives.

What will you learn next?

Tomorrow I will show you exactly what you must do, step by step, so that you also begin to lose weight as soon as possible thanks to these 3 powerful secrets, I want you to have your way as clear as posible.

So I’m counting on you for tomorrow, I’ll notify you by email when the third class is available.