About Healthy Life Today

Healthy Life Today is a brand and resource center, focused on helping as many women as possible lose weight, improve their health, and achieve the best body of their lives, so that they feel beautiful and confident again.

We believe that you, as a woman, have the right to feel beautiful, with confidence and without fear of what other people have to say about you.

Every human being has the power to change their current reality, to improve their life, and you, although you don’t think so at this moment, have qualities that make you capable of achieving these great changes.

If you are ready to learn the best path to a better body, and are ready to commit to do what is needed to make your transformation a reality, then we will help you to get a fit and healthy body.

We are committed to helping and guiding you in every step until you complete your transformation.

We warn you, the road will not be easy, it will be full of obstacles and difficult moments, but don’t worry, it is not impossible, we believe in you, you have what it takes and we will help you.

A large community of powerful women in permanent growth

We are very happy that each day we are more and more women willing to live a new healthy life, in shape, and with increased confidence and self-esteem.

We are already more than 40k wonderful women in our official Instagram account @healthylife.weightloss and this number of amazing people is increasing every day, we are happy to know that so many women enjoy our advice, motivation and techniques.

In addition, more than ten thousand women have entered our free training Simplified Weight Loss, committed to learn and take action to leave behind all the problems they suffer because of overweight.

How to start the path towards a fit and healthy body?

We want you to have the path as clear as possible from the beginning, so if you are ready to start changing your life and get a body that you feel proud of, just visit our page with the 4 steps to start losing weight.

Do you have any question?

We are here to help you, if you have any questions about how to start transforming your body, or just want to share something with us, you can do it from our contact page.