Best Healthy Eating Cookbooks for Weight Loss

If you want to enjoy a healthier life, get a fit body, or maintain high levels of energy to do all the tasks of your day, there is no doubt that a good meal plan can help you achieve all that and more.

But there is a big problem, most of us don’t know how to cook a wide variety of tasty and healthy foods. If you keep cooking the same recipes every week, sooner or later you’ll end up bored.

We love trying new things in the kitchen but we need ideas to do it, and that’s what the cookbooks are for, hundreds of recipes waiting for you to cook and enjoy their flavor.

Do you want to try something new? Do you want to know which are the best healthy cookbooks full of recipes that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle or lose weight? then keep Reading because today you will discover the best five of them.

1- The Skinnytaste Cookbook

low calorie recipes for weight loss skynnytaste cookbook

The Skinnytaste Cookbook features 150 amazing recipes: 125 all-new dishes and 25 must-have favorites.

As a busy mother of two, Gina Homolka (Author) started Skinnytaste when she wanted to lose a few pounds herself. She turned to Weight Watchers for help and liked the program but struggled to find enough tempting recipes to help her stay on track. Instead, she started “skinny-fying” her favorite meals so that she could eat happily while losing weight.

With 100 stunning photographs and detailed nutritional information for every recipe, The Skinnytaste Cookbook is an incredible resource of fulfilling, joy-inducing meals that every home cook will love.

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2- The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook

best low calorie cookbook laura lea balanced

With over 120 approachable, comforting, make-ahead recipes, this first cookbook from the creator of the popular “LLBalanced” website reaffirms that balance is possible: you can find the joy, relaxation, and healing of cooking for yourself, family, and friends during these frenetic times.

With helpful shopping lists and easy-to-follow menu plans, The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook will help any home cook create a foundation in the pantry and kitchen that will make the prospect of healthy cooking accessible and exciting, not stressful.

It doesn’t overthink things and focuses on consistency instead of perfection. In the end, The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook will have you discovering the balance of cooking delicious, healthy meals at home while re-connecting with yourself, family, and friends.

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3- Better Homes and Gardens Calorie-Smart Meals

best healthy cookbooks better homes calorie smart meals

Better Homes and Gardens Calorie-Smart Meals is a must-have recipe collection of tasty meals that don’t break the daily calorie bank. This is an easy-to-use, modern guide to preparing simple, healthful dishes, with chapters organized by calories, covering meals under 300, 400, and 500 calories plus snacks under 200 calories and desserts under 250 calories.

With more than 150 recipes and more than 100 gorgeous photos, the book helps cooks make health-conscious meals such as Peruvian-Style Chicken Tacos (under 300 calories), Pumpkin-Parmesan Risotto (300-400), and Wild Mushroom Ravioli Skillet (400-500).

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4- The Easy 5-Ingredient Healthy Cookbook

clean eating cookbook 5 easy ingredient

Keeping balanced meals on the table can be tough when you’re busy. That’s why registered dietitian nutritionist and bestselling healthy cookbook author, Toby Amidor, created The Easy 5-Ingredient Healthy Cookbook. With truly simple 5-ingredient recipes—many of which are ready to eat in 30 minutes or require just one cooking vessel—This Cookbook is your solution to eating healthy on a hectic schedule.

The Easy 5-Ingredient Healthy Cookbook contains:

  • 150 no-fuss recipes using only 5 easy-to-find main ingredients per meal
  • Quick, no-mess meals requiring only 30-minutes to make or one-pot
  • Healthy cooking bonus tips including meal planning guidelines and grocery shopping advice that are unique to this healthy cookbook

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5- Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook

best healthy eating cookbooks trim healthy mama

It features simple, mouthwatering, recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner—including slow cooker and one-pot meals, hearty soups and salads, omelets and waffles, pizzas, breads and more.  No one should be deprived, so there are also favorite snacks, delectable desserts, and the smoothies, sippers and teas fans love.

With pantry-stocking advice, time-saving tips, and information on how to cook for the entire family, the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook offers a delicious and nutritious way to make trim and healthy meals with less stress—so you have more time with your loved ones.

Eat Up and Slim Down with More Than 350 Healthy Recipes.

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With the cookbooks mentioned above, you will never run out of ideas to prepare tasty and healthy meals, which also help you lose weight and get the body you want of course.

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