Hi! Welcome back to Healthy Life Today, in today’s article we will reveal some foods that, although you think are healthy, they are foods that make you gain weight and do more harm to your health and your body than you think.

Do you wonder what not to eat on a diet? Well, these foods could be on that list. Many of these foods are hidden under the label of “Light” or healthy, but in reality they are not.

If you consume some of these foods at present, we recommend that you eat them in moderation, especially if you want to lose weight (That’s right, it is not necessary that you eliminate them completely of your diet), so let’s begin.

These are six meals that make you gain weight


Maybe sushi is not as good as you think. Why? because many of its pieces are made from rice, with a high level of carbohydrates (especially when it is not whole but refined).

This can be especially harmful if taken at dinner, since eating too many rolls would provide an extra amount of calories that we will not consume. Some tips: consume in moderation, opt for pieces that don’t include fried pieces, and reduce soy sauce.

Bottled juices

A drink of juice may seem like a most harmless food, but nothing is further from reality, bottled juices contain large amounts of sugar, so much so that some studies compare them with any soft drink. Our tip: Don’t abuse processed juices and squeeze your own fruit at home to make a homemade one.

Protein bars

Protein bars are intended to be a healthy snack for athletes, but not all are: be careful with those high in sugar or carbohydrates. We recommend you to eat the ones that consist of nuts and fruit.


Breakfast cereals are another food that contains hidden sugar. The problem is that we eat them thinking that we consume many fewer calories than what we are actually consuming. Our healthy recommendation: Replace them with oats, seeds and pieces of fruit.


Once again, be careful with the added sugars. A flavored or previously sweetened yogurt may contain too much sugar, but also those that are sponsored as ‘light’ or low in fat (for example, according to the website sugarstacks, a flavored yogurt can contain up to 7 lumps of sugar and a light yogurt three and a half). Don’t hesitate to check the labels if what you are looking for is a healthy option.

Light products

That it’s ‘light’ does not mean it’s good. Often, a low-fat product still contains alarming levels of salt or sugar. In addition, the false perception of being consuming a ‘healthy’ product can lead us to eat more of it, achieving the opposite effect.

Not everything is what it seems

These are just some of the foods that we think are healthy, but in fact they are not. If you are trying to lose weight or eat healthy, it is very important to be sure you have a balanced meal plan.

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This has been all for this article, we will meet again soon with much more content to improve your life and your body in an incredible way, if you know another similar case to these that we present today, please write it in the comments.