To improve your health and the general well-being of your body it is best to mantain a good healthy diet, but with the large amount of disinformation and junk food in our society, it is much easier to choose an easy/bad diet, harmful to your health.

Maybe you’re wondering how to have a balanced diet from now on? and we really don’t want you to continue destroying your body with the diet you currently have (in the case that you are practicing an unhealthy diet) so we want to teach you how to build your own balanced meal plan in three easy steps, so you can enjoy the benefits of eating healthy right now.

Today we will focus on building a balanced diet, a diet to improve your overall health, the diets to lose weight we will leave them for later. So now it’s time to know what are the 3 steps you must follow to make your own healthy diet.

How to have a balanced diet? these are the 3 steps you must follow

1- Eat foods from the 5 groups.

To achieve a balanced diet you must consume food from each of the five food groups: proteins, vegetables, fruits, dairy and grains. This is because each food group offers different vital nutrients that your body needs. That’s why you should consume something from each group every day.

  • Proteins are essential for all the cells and processes in your body; anything from building and repairing tissues to producing enzymes, hormones and others. Ideally, choose foods with lean proteins, such as poultry, lean beef, seafood, nuts and beans.
  • Dairy products also contain protein, but they are known to be rich in calcium, potassium and vitamin D. Choose low-fat dairy products, such as yogurt, milk or cheese.
  • Fruits and vegetables are two food groups that offer a large amount of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. They are also low in calories, which makes them an essential component of a balanced diet. Choose a variety of fruits and vegetables every day.
  • The grain group can be divided into two separate groups: whole grain products (such as brown rice, quinoa or oats) and refined or processed grains (such as white bread, white rice or regular pasta). Point out that at least half of the grain products you choose are 100% whole. These types of grains are rich in fiber, protein and other essential nutrients.
  • It can be difficult for all 5 food groups to be present at each meal. Aim to consume foods of each group throughout the day. It isn’t necessary to consume the 5 groups at each meal.

2- Write your meal plan.

Writing your weekly meal plan helps make sure you eat a well-balanced diet. Plan the meals and snacks you will eat throughout each day of the week so that you consume each food group every day.

  • With only one hour a week you can make your meal plan.
  • Make sure you include dairy products and enough fruits and vegetables every day.

3- Time to go shopping.

Providing your kitchen with healthy foods from each food group will help make it easy to prepare balanced meals and eat a balanced diet. After writing your meal plan, make time to go to the supermarket to stock up on a variety of your favorite healthy products.

  • Buy products that don’t need refrigeration to get fast and easy balanced meals: canned beans, canned vegetables without salt, tuna or canned chicken, 100% whole products (such as quinoa, 100% whole wheat pasta or brown rice) and the nut butters.
  • Buy frozen products such as vegetables (without sauces or condiments), fruits, precooked grains (such as brown rice or quinoa), low calorie dinners (for busy nights) and proteins (chicken or fish).
  • Always keep fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products (such as low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese) and lean proteins (chicken, fish, pork or lean beef) at home.

Ready to build your healthy eating meal plan?

With these three steps we are sure that the task of building your own balanced diet will be much easier to complete, so hands on, you can build your health food plan right now, start changing the bad habits that damage your health and your body.

Take care of your body, lead a healthy lifestyle, and you will be at least 100 times happier, that is guaranteed.

As we said a balanced diet is the best way to keep your health and body in optimal conditions, but it is not the best if you want to lose weight , to do this it is better to put into practice a diet focused on weight loss, whether done by yourself or by an expert.

For example, in our free weight loss plan, we teach you what is the right way to feed yourself if you want to start burning fat, take a look at it,

This is all for now, see you soon with much more content to improve your health and your life, ready to achieve your goals? Keep going.