average weight gain during holidays

Holidays are one of the most exciting and happy times of the year, there is no doubt about that, we share a lot with our families and loved ones and have a good time.

Unfortunately, holidays are also a time of year when many people decide to stop having control over what they eat.

We eat more than we should, and end up earning more weight than we would like, with the promise of losing it next year.

But this does not have to be that way, you can actually enjoy holidays so much without gaining weight, and today we will share with you some easy tips to do it, so you will avoid gaining weight and get away from your dream body.

Think twice before eating that snack.

eating healthy during the holidays

During holidays it is very easy to have access to unhealthy treats such as cookies and cakes, especially at family and work parties.

The problem is that sometimes we tend to eat these goodies only because we have them within easy reach, and not because we really want them or because we are hungry.

Eating only because there is food is not a good choice, especially if you want to maintain your weight.

Pay attention to your snacks habits, and if you feel like you want a snack, you better choose healthy snacks such as fruits, nuts or seeds.

Really enjoy your food.

Surely it has happened to you that you are doing many tasks at the same time to have everything ready for the holidays.

If this happens to you and lunchtime approaches, take a break from all those tasks, sit down, and focus on the food you are about to consume.

Some studies have revealed that when we are eating distracted, we tend to overeat and gain more weight, as we are not able to detect the fullness signals in our body.

So during the holidays (and always) you should focus on your food, chew slowly, and enjoy your meal to the fullest, this way you will eat less and decrease the calories you consume daily.

Control stress always.

We know it, notice how the unfinished tasks accumulate more and more it can be very stressful, but maybe you want to control this a bit more if you don’t want to gain weight.

The hormone that your body releases when you feel stressed “cortisol” increases your appetite, therefore you eat more, and you increase more weight.

In addition, when we are stressed we tend to choose less healthy foods, increasing the negative effect even more.

Practice ways to release stress such as meditation, yoga, or exercise and it will be easier to control it.

It is a time to share, so share your healthy meals.

When you go to a meeting with your family or friends during holidays, it will be unlikely to find healthy foods that will help you stay on track.

But you can change that, take your own healthful and yummy meals to the party and share them with others.

In this way you can not only eat something that helps you with your goal, but you will be sharing with others something that you like at the same time.

Never stop being active.

how to not gain weight over the holidays

In many families there are certain traditions like “movie nights”, which can be good to bring the whole group together.

But sedentary activities like these can lead to gain weight (especially when you combine them with an excessive amount of food).

Inactivity is one of your biggest enemies, and that is why you must get away from it as much as possible. Look for other activities that allow you to share with your family or friends in an active way.

Eat more protein and fiber during the holidays.

The meals we eat during these times of the year tend to be full of carbohydrates, but lack of proteins and fibers.

These last two nutrients help you feel more fullness, reduce hunger and appetite, and therefore help you eat less and control weight.

The protein also increases your metabolism, so you’ll be burning more calories.

From now on Include in your dishes these two nutrients.

  • Some sources of proteins: meat, poultry, fish, beans, quinoa.
  • Some sources of fiber: vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds.

Be careful with your portions.

It is really easy to exaggerate with the size of the portions we eat during this time of year, in fact most people tend to do it almost unconsciously.

How to avoid this? A very effective but simple trick, is to eat in smaller plates.

According to some research, people who eat small plates lose more weight than those who eat larger plates.

Plan ahead

plan ahead lose weight holidays

To maintain or lose weight it is very important to plan ahead of time what you will eat the following days, and this is especially true during the holidays.

This complements perfectly with what we said before about sharing your meals, if you have an event on your calendar that involves food, and you know there will be no healthy options, then cook your own dishes and take them to the event.

Don’t “leave space” for the main event.

Skipping breakfast or lunch (or both) to make room for the big dinner just does not work.

Why do we tell you this? Well, this is a very common practice, but think about it, if you have not eaten all day, surely when the time comes you will eat excessively, since you will be very hungry.

When you are hungry, and you find all that food waiting for you, it will be impossible not to overeat, so, don’t do it, eat every day 3 main meals, and 2 healthy snacks.

Set your own limits.

how to not gain weight during the holidays

The most important advice you should take into account is to take responsibility for controlling your eating habits during the holidays.

It’s okay to say no to certain foods that are not aligned with your goal, that don’t help you get and maintain the body and health you want.

You should also be clear about something, you should not feel like a failure for one or two moments of weakness during the holidays, in which you ate a little more than you should, don’t give up your goal for this.

Many people give up once they made a mistake, but that is totally wrong, just learn, and choose better next time.

We hope these tips are useful for you to control your weight during the holidays and keep you on track to get and maintain a body that you feel proud of.

If you want to start losing weight and transform your body but don’t know how to start, we have made an easy guide to lose weight in 4 steps, that you can follow to start your weight loss journey right now.

What do you think about controlling your weight during holidays? Any special trick you want to share? tell us in the comments.

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