How To Increase Your Metabolism To Lose Weight

If your goal is to lose weight and get a fit body, surely you have heard that a great way to improve your results is to accelerate your metabolism… and surely you are wondering, “it’s true?”

Normally, thin people have a faster metabolism, so they can eat more and their body will get rid of all the extra calories, that’s simply not fair!

But then, if you want to lose weight, all you have to do is accelerate our metabolism?…

Of course not, that’s only a simple way to get faster results… but it’s also very important to execute an effective weight loss plan (like the plan I teach you in my free weight loss training.)

Anyway, accelerating your metabolism will really help you reach your goal faster, so let me teach you some ways in which you can get a higher metabolism from now on.

… Then, how can we do this naturally?

Now I will tell you a few of my tricks, they will help you to accelerate your metabolism and burn more fat every gingle day…

All these tips are really simple, so you won’t have any problem to execute them…

Before starting, what is your metabolism?

Although you have in your mind that you must accelerate your metabolism to lose more weight, do you really know what the metabolism is?

Commonly when we talk about accelerating our metabolism, we are really talking about increasing our metabolic rate, which is the energy (or calories) that we burn throughout the day.

The higher your metabolic rate, the more calories you will burn, and therefore, it will be easier for you to have a positive calorie balance to lose weight…

However, your metabolism is actually all the chemical reactions that take place in your body.

So, it’s not just calories and weight loss of what we are talking about here, it’s your health and general well being too.

Then, after knowing that, I will explain exactly how you can accelerate your metabolism and your weight loss results in a few amazingly simple ways.

Stand up more time and more often.

It’s completely proven that sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health.

And if you add to that, that you burn fewer calories while sitting than when you’re standing, that’s the perfect reason to stand up more often…

Being seated requires less energy, so your body slows down your metabolism since it doesn’t need to burn so many calories.

So, you need to stand up more often and be more active during your day to solve this.

If you must be sitting for a long time at work, remember to stand for short periods of time to stretch your legs (and accelerate your metabolism, A.K.A: fat burning machine 😉)

Start drinking green tea.

Being a low-calorie drink, green tea is excellent for losing weight or simply keeping you at a healthy weight.

In addition, some studies have shown that green tea makes your body burn more fat and accelerates your metabolism from 4 to 5%.

Rest properly.

how to increase metabolism in women

Lack of sleep is common among people with weight problems or obesity.

This may be because it affects the metabolism and makes you burn less calories throught the day…

Sleeping few hours increases blood sugar levels, and as if this weren’t enough, increases the hunger hormone ghrelin and decreases the hormone leptin (responsible for notifying your brain that you have eaten enough.)

In short, you will have more hunger all day, and you will feel that you need to eat much more!

That’s not good if you are working to reach your weight loss goal, right? That’s why it’s so important that you sleep every day at least seven hours.

Include high intensity workouts.

Surely you already know how important it is to exercise…

If you want to lose weight, adding an exercise routine in your plan will have a big impact on the results you’ll get, that’s for sure…

In addition, if you mix a normal routine with high intensity exercises, the results and benefits of exercising will be even better! Since this increases your metabolism and makes you burn more fat consistently.

Even just increasing the intensity for periods of 30 seconds during your exercise routine will already make a difference.

Never forget breakfast.

metabolism boosting foods

Since you don’t need much energy while you sleep, your metabolism slows down, therefore, your body won’t burn many calories during your rest periods.

Eating first thing in the morning (right after waking up) makes your metabolism wake up and get going early…

If your metabolism starts working early, it will be much easier to keep it that way throughout the day.

Drink plenty of water.

All the sugary drinks that most of the people consume during the week (such as soft drinks for example) are loaded with many calories, which makes it difficult to keep losing weight…

In contrast, water doesn’t have all these extra calories…

So you should completely forget about these sugar drinks, and simply drink more water.

Some studies have shown that water increases your metabolism from 15 to 30% for one hour, which means an important boost to burn more fat.

Give your body more Omega-3’s

A good way to regulate your metabolism is by eating more foods that contain omega-3’s (such as fish.)

This will make you have a faster metabolism, and not only that, but will help you regulate blood sugar levels, something that is very important to prevent deseases like type 2 diabetes.

Finally, it will help you increase the hormone leptin, which as you know, is responsible for letting you know when you have eaten enough.

That mean, less hungry, more control over your meals, and more consistent weight loss…

Eat more protein daily.

foods that speed up your metabolism

Every time you eat something your metabolism increases, this happens because of the extra calories that your body requires to digest and absorb the nutrients of every meal.

So, protein is the one that most accelerates your metabolism.

Specifically between 15 to 30% (a great metabolism boosting food) so you should include enough protein in your diet from now on.

The other good part of eating protein is that it makes you feel full for longer (making it easier for you to control your appetite.)

Coffee is also good to speed up your metabolism.

This is the last tip for today, and I like it 🙂 As happens with green tea, coffee is a drink that helps you increase your metabolism, in this case between 3 to 11%.

One more thing, thank your for taking the time to read my tips today, I hope that with all these tricks, you accelerate your weight loss results and get your final goal very soon.

Heather Johnson.