7 Big Myths About Losing Weight

When we talk about losing weight, there are certain things that almost everyone knows and ensures that they are true, but of all of them, which is really true?

Misinformation in terms of health and weight loss is very common nowadays, and that is why today we will clarify which of these myths are true and which are false, in this way you can be completely sure that everything you think “It works” it really works, and you get rid of false beliefs.

Light foods don’t make you fat

False. Light foods are defined because there is a reference food “no light” with a higher caloric load than them. This does not mean that these foods don’t make you fat, but at least they have a caloric value 30 percent lower than the reference food.

If I exercise more, I will lose weight no matter what I eat

False. Sport or physical activity what it does is accelerate the metabolism, causing calories to burn. However, someone who doesn’t have a healthy diet will not lose weight just by spending hours exercising.

If you exercise more, will you lose weight no matter what you eat

Express diets are the cause of the “rebound effect”

False. Express diets are very effective to lose weight quickly, the problem is that these diets are difficult to follow in the long term, causing people to abandon the diet and gain weight again.

To avoid this, the express diet should be complemented with a more balanced diet when the desired weight is reached, so you can enjoy a rapid weight loss thanks to the express diet and maintain the final weight with a balanced diet.

Caution: We strongly recommend that you don’t follow an express diet. If you really want your results to be long lasting and not adversely affect your health, then you better choose a more balanced diet or exercise program. If you want to learn more, we recommend you join our free weight loss training.

Red meat is bad for health

False. Although beef, pork or lamb have fats and cholesterol, they also provide nutrients such as iron, zinc and protein. You just should pay attention to the portions you consume and how often you serve it at the table.

To lose weight you have to be hungry all day

False. It is not necessary to be hungry to get fit. To avoid this feeling of hunger when you are dieting you must choose foods with low caloric density, that is, those that provide few calories in a high volume. In the same way the distribution in several meals can be beneficial. This dietary pattern often increase the feeling of fullness and decrease hunger.

Lose Weight Hungry

Hot water eliminates body fat

False. Water with a higher temperature than the body stabilizes its temperature when it enters the body. For this reason the temperature at which water is drunk does not influence the degradation of body fat.

Age is not a determining factor to lose weight

False. Although the years don’t matter, everyone can do diets and lose weight, the truth is that a teenager has the ability to burn fat faster than an adult.

Eating watching TV makes you fat

This is completely true. If you are busy with something else (which can also be the computer, the mobile, magazines or even a book), you will not realize what you are consuming. Therefore, you will not only eat anything but also you will not know at what moment you are satisfied.

Eating watching TV makes you fat

Well, you already know the truth about many of these beliefs, do you know any more you want to share? leave your comment below, we would love to know what you think.

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