How This Supplement Make Me Lose Weight Easier… Using Just a Quarter of the Time.

By Heather Johnson.

I know that talking about weight loss supplements is like playing with fire, many of them are just scams and don’t fulfill what they promise, others may even affect your health… but to be honest, of all the different weight loss supplements in the market, there is JUST ONE that I sincerely loved from the beginning.

That’s the reason why I used this supplement during almost all my weight loss journey.

Losing weight wasn’t easy for me, but this supplement made my journey twice as easier, and that’s why I thank the friend who recommended it to me when I was having a difficult time in my life (I’ll tell you more about this later.)

It helped a lot to make my eating plan more “yummy and easy to follow”, helped me control my cravings… and all this while I was enjoying more free time. 

So, if you have trouble following an eating plan, if you are afraid that cravings will destroy your progress, or if you simply want to improve your weight loss results through a healthy supplement, then you will love to know how protein shakes helped me, and how they can help you too.

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What are protein shakes?

Protein shakes are simply drinks made by mixing protein powder with water, although other ingredients can be added as well…

These shakes can be a convenient addition to any diet, especially when access to quality high protein foods is limited.

Surely you know that protein is a key nutrient for weight loss, right?

Getting enough can boost your metabolism, reduce your appetite and help you lose body fat without losing muscle…

So, protein shakes are an easy way to add more protein to your diet, and in this way, help your body to burn more fat and lose more weight every day.

Exactly how protein shakes helped me lose weight? (This is my story)

The first time I tried this supplement was at a time in my life when I was acquiring some new personal and professional responsibilities, so it was being hard to stay focused on my weight loss…

I was running out of time to cook and maintain healthy habits.

Sometimes I chose to eat fast food outside, as it saved me a lot of time, but of course, this was completely destroying my health and weight loss results.

I needed to keep losing weight in a way that didn’t require too much time from me, but I didn’t know how to do it…

At that moment, a close friend had noticed my situation, she was one of my best friend and I felt comfortable telling her about my journey.

After seeing that I was having serious difficulties to stay consistent with my plan, she told me about how she used protein shakes to replace certain meals during the moments when she was running out of time.

It sounded good to me…

Also, I had nothing to lose, so I decided to listen to her advice and try one of these shakes…

To be honest, I must say that the first protein shake I try didn’t like me at all, I wasn’t used to replace my meals with these smoothies, and besides, I didn’t like how it taste!

But then, I decided to give the opportunity to another brand (and another flavor! 😆)

… This time the experience was soooo much better! I was delighted with the taste and completely loved that shake, it was simply AMAZING!

And well, long story shorted, from that day, I incorporate the protein shakes permanently into my weight loss plan (and beyond, because after reaching my weight loss goal, I continued to use them, although right now I’m using another brand.)

The definitive question: How protein shakes will HELP YOU to lose weight?

This supplement helped me especially to save time by replacing some meals, but also helped me a lot to control hunger and cravings.

Anyway, those aren’t the only ways in which protein shakes can help you lose weight, here are a few other benefits.

  • Decrease hunger and appetite to take control of your eating.
  • Increase metabolism (Very important for consistent weight loss.)
  • Help you burn belly fat.
  • Prevent muscle loss.
  • Help prevent weight re-gain after weight loss.

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