effective weight loss tips

There are many simple ways to lose weight, things you can do from this moment to burn fat, the best thing is that they are not impossible or complicated, in fact, they are very easy to put into practice in your daily life if you really commit to execute them.

Sometimes we complicate our lives trying to lose weight in drastic ways or with rare weight loss tricks, when the first thing we need is to add to our lives small healthier habits to begin to see changes in our body.

Today we want to share with you these healthy weight loss tips, easy to follow and very effective, that you can apply from today.

Are there simple ways to lose weight? let’s see

1- Drink more water

Drink water is healthy, that is something that everyone knows, but even so, only a few people take the recommended amounts of water. If your goal is to build a body in shape, water can be a great ally when it comes to losing weight.

It has been shown for example that when a group of people increase their water consumption by more than a liter a day they lose about 4 pounds over a year, all without making any changes in their diet or exercises routine.

In addition, drinking water helps reduce appetite and food intake. How to get this? For example drinking half a liter of water before breakfast, with this we can reduce the calories consumed at breakfast by up to 13%.

slimming tips - glass of water

2- Eat raw fruits and vegetables to lose weight faster

Your body has to burn a lot of calories to digest the raw fruits and vegetables you eat, so you’re basically losing weight faster every time you eat fruits and vegetables. People whose diets are predominantly fruits and vegetables tend to lose weight faster and maintain their weight for much longer.

In addition, fruits and vegetables give you a more lasting energy while fighting the cravings to eat, which means you will never gain weight, because fruits and vegetables will keep you burning fat.

3- Eat more fiber

Adding more fiber to your diet is the best way to quickly and easily eliminate a large amount of over weight without having to diet and exercise.

Eating fiber helps you prevent overeating because it makes you feel full. If your meals consist mainly of fiber, protein, and water, you will have a greater feeling of fullness and higher levels of energy throughout the day.

4- Be more active

It is a reality that the sedentary life has taken over our society, and it should not surprise us that this has accelerated the figures of overweight and serious diseases. Our pace of life leaves little time to mobilize energy, and on the other hand, we like comfortable life, spend hours watching television or connected to social networks.

However, when we begin to move more, everything changes in a spectacular way, we lose weight, we maintain the lost weight, we maintain ourselves with more energy, with better mood, and happier. So, if you want to live better and be the best version of yourself, just move more, doing physical activity every day.

5- Plan your meals

There are big differences for our weight if we plan our meals or we don’t. Obviously when we plan them we can eat in a healthier way, with better quality foods, and thanks to this we reduce calories and take more care of our friends the hormones, which will be fundamental for us to achieve our goal.

In an impressive study in which 40,554 people participated, it was found that the group that planned their meals managed to eat with more quality, with more variety and with a lower risk of obesity.

That is why it is important that you start practicing a healthy and balanced diet.

how to lose weight easily - healthy meal plan

6- Walk 10,000 steps a day and lose 10 extra pounds per year

If you don’t have time to go to the gym or start an exercise program, at least you can do this: Buy a pedometer, wear it, and try to walk 10,000 steps a day to burn 100 extra calories or more each day, which contributes to lose more than 10 pounds a year with minimal effort on your part.

7- Sleep the right amount of time

Never sleep for too long or for too little time. According to recent research, people who sleep for a long time (more than 8 hours) and people who sleep very little (less than 6 hours) are more likely to gain weight than people who sleep between 7 and 8 hours.

When you don’t sleep enough, the levels of leptin in your body decrease. Leptin is a protein in the blood that suppresses your appetite. When your leptin levels are decreased due to lack of sleep, this results in your appetite increasing, causing you to overeat.

8- Eat slowly and lose weight faster

You should chew everything you eat for at least 8 to 12 times, eat slowly, turn your time to eat into a ritual and enjoy every bite. Your body doesn’t realize that you are already satisfied until after several minutes that you have eaten.

If you eat very fast, your brain will not be able to detect when you are full, causing you to eat much more than you really need.

9- Avoid sodas, even dietary ones

Because regular sodas are basically a drink to gain weight and water is a weight loss drink with 0 calories, you could start losing 1 pound each week if you replaced 2 bottles of soda with 2 bottles of water.

In addition to this, it is also important to know that some studies have revealed that high consumption of diet soda can lead to weight gain, because although dietary sodas have 0 calories, artificial sweeteners increase your craving for sugar and other foods that make you gain weight.

natural weight loss tips - Not diet soda

Start now to lose weight

Commit yourself to include these tips in your life and you will see how you begin to lose weight without much effort, as you surely noticed, we are the only ones responsible for keeping our body overweight, or instead doing something about it and start to transform our body.

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Stay tuned for the new content we have for you, see you soon.