How I Was Able to Lose MORE Weight Thanks to a “BAD” Fat Burner Supplement? (and How You Can Do It Too!)

By Heather Johnson.

At some point in my weight loss journey I was stuck, no matter what I did, I just couldn’t keep losing weight…

I had reached a plateau and I didn’t know how to keep moving forward.

When things like that happen to you, you think that the best is to give up and just go back to your previous life, a life full of bad choices… yeah, things were simpler, but also more painful…

Whether you’re starting your weight loss journey or going through a bad time with no results, the supplement I’m going to talk about today helped me and will HELP YOU too, to improve your weight loss and get in shape faster.

So, now it’s time to clarify the truth about fat burners…

You will find out that fat burners actually work, but only if you consider something very important that I will tell you below.

How do fat burners help you lose weight?

The term ‘fat burner’ is used to describe nutrition supplements that increase fat metabolism and weight loss, increase fat oxidation during exercise, and cause long-term adaptations that promote fast metabolism.

Now, one of the biggest mistakes you can make, is thinking that you can just take a fat loss supplement and suddenly weight loss results will be yours no matter what.

Maybe you think that a fat burner is the miracle solution you’ve been looking for, but that’s not how weight loss supplements work

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle and meal plan is possibly 80 percent of your weight loss journey… but, the good new is that you can get an extra 20% help from a fat burner supplement.

Fat burners can really help enhance fat loss, they can become the final weapon against overweight, but they’re only going to do so if a proper meal and exercise plan is in place.

So… (and here is the problem of most people using fat burners) if you take a fat burner supplement and then feast on junk food such as burgers, pizza, curries, sugary snacks and drinks, you won’t be seeing fat loss any time soon, if at all.

 How was my experience using fat burners?

At first I was very skeptical about it, I didn’t believe in fat burners and I never wanted to use them…

But I was having a really hard time regarding my weight loss results, so my personal trainer made me change my mind.

He told me that in order to overcome my weight loss plateau, I would have to do things different than what I had been doing so far, that is, I would have to incorporate new ways to optimize my body to burn more fat.

I wanted to reach my final goal, show off a healthy body and get my confidence back, so I decided to give a try to the fat burner supplement that my coach had recommended me…

What happen next?

Well, shortly after starting to take that supplement I began to notice some positive changes in my body and my energy levels…

First, I noticed that my appetite was going down… I even felt full eating less, which made it much easier for me to comply with my eating plan.

I also noticed that I had more energy throughout the day, which allowed me to exercise without feeling so exhausted that I was even afraid to exercise again!

And the best came later, since I saw how the scale was moving down again!

I had finally overcome my weight loss plateau! And I could keep moving forward until I reached my final goal.

But are all fat burners effective?

I will be totally honest with you, if you are thinking about enhancing your weight loss results through supplements, you must be very careful.

Not all supplements fulfill what they promise, and some brands don’t even worry about your health… You must choose those supplements that are really effective and come from high quality brands.

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