The Truth About Food and Weight Loss that You Should Know if You Want to Get Fit.

By Heather Johnson.

We tend to think that in order to lose weight we will have to give up our favorite meals, right? That we can’t even eat tasty foods for a long long time, we put in our head that we must “torture” ourselves with healthy food if we want to see results…

But is all this true? Do you really have to give up tasty meals in order to lose weight?

During the first stage of my weigh loss journey, I thought that it should be so, that I should say goodbye to the meals I loved.

But after some time I find out that I was wrong (God! I would only have liked to learn it before.)

Because giving up tasty meals didn’t make me thinner… it made me moody, sad and anxious to find the first excuse to end my diet…

So today I’m going to tell you the hidden truth about food and weight loss, and I’ll explain how you can lose weight and transform your body while eating foods that you actually enjoy.

What is the hidden truth about food and weight loss?

If you are thinking about starting your own weight loss journey, for sure you have heard from experts advice like “you should focuse on a strict diet” or  “you should give up certain unhealthy foods” (They actually say this about foods that provide you with nutrients that your body needs to survive!)

Me? To be honest, I started that way… following a different complex diet after another, feeling miserable every day, and also, NOT getting the results I wanted…

But the truth is that depriving yourself of tasty foods isn’t the smartest way to lose weight, in fact, it’s one of the worst! Since you can’t be consistent with something you hate.

Think about it… makes sense, right?

So, what is the answer to this problem?

Well, the real answer to eat amazing foods and lose weight at the same time, is just to change HOW you cook your meals.

You see, choosing healthy meals over junk food doesn’t have to be something hard or difficult, but something that you enjoy doing, and with what you feel comfortable.

And exactly how do we make this possible?

It’s so simple… learning ways to cook your food in a healthy but amazingly tasty way.

This way you won’t be following hard diets or starving, but you will be eating foods that you actually enjoy WHILE losing weight.

And even better, you will be changing your relationship with food, now you won’t miss junk food or other types of foods that prevent you from losing weight, but you will be so happy eating the best meals for your body and your weight loss goals.

How to start losing weight in this easy and yummy way from now on?

Personally, since I realized this a few years ago, I started to buy and put my hands on any healthy cookbook that I could… but the good news is that you don’t have to spend years to learn all this, I know you want results NOW, not in five years.

So I want to recommend what I call “the quick guide to make fat burner meals”, this is a step-by-step guide created by Karine Losier and I love it!

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