5 Easy Ways To Stop Food Cravings Naturally.

By Heather Johnson.

If you’ve ever had food cravings (Obviously, we all had cravings) I want to tell you that you aren’t alone… but I have good news, because today I will teach you how to control, stop, eliminate or at least reduce those cravings, so you will stop feeling guilty after every time you eat some candy or a yummy sugar cake out of your diet.

Cravings can be really harmful if you don’t learn to take control over them, they will be constantly affecting your health in so many ways.

For example, leading to overweight, diabetes, heart problems, and more.

In addition, giving in to cravings may be affecting your weight loss results. Many people begin in a right way their plans to build a fit body, in fact, they burn some fat! And feel happy about it…

But unfortunately, lack of control over cravings destroy all their progress and take them to the initial point of their journeys, or even worse, end up gaining more weight than before (actually, this is something that happened to me!)

But if you put into practice these 5 ways that I will show you today, the cravings will stop having power over you, and you will be able to live a happier, healthier life.

And of course, if you are trying to lose weight, cravings will no longer destroy your progress.

So let’s now look at these 5 ways to stop food cravings right now.


1- Do cardio.

Last year, a study from the University of Wyoming made a fascinating discovery:

Cardio exercise squashes an enormous appetite.

A group of women engaged in active exercise, and after the workout, they were given the opportunity to feast at an enormous buffet.

On alternate days, they were told to sit quietly for an hour before being welcomed to the buffet.

You would think that the exercise days would be the hungry days, right? After all, an intense workout creates a huge apetite you may think.

However, the researchers were shocked, on workout days, the women ate less than the sedentary days!

The secret was in the hormones…

Exercise causes a spike in the production of the hormone ghrelin. A ghrelin spike tells the human body to eat a lot, but the ghrelin release also causes a cascade of other hormones, including the ones that control satiety.

… The resulting hormone cocktail tells the body to eat less, not more.

The post-workout women had naturally lowered their appetite and were less likely to overeat. So the conclusión is that exercise causes a complex hormonal interaction that keeps you from overeating.


2- Eating more?

The most common times for cravings are midmorning, mid-afternoon, and late night. Rather than view these cravings as negative forces, respond to them by eating!

Your body is secreting more ghrelin, telling you “EAT!” and here’s the key… don’t just eat anything, you must eat healthy options.

Then, this is a short list of top-notch snacking solutions:

  • Nuts: A handful nuts will give your body a healthy form of fat that can quickly decrease the craving level.
  • Avocados: Eating a daily avocado is a nice way to introduce a whole medley of nutrients. Plus, it gives the smack down to screaming demands for food.
  • Grapefruit: This is the perfect way to say farewell to a ravenous appetite. Also, grapefruit helps weight loss, by reducing insulin levels.

3- Chew gum.

At the University of Rhode Island, researchers did a study involving chewing gum. In this study, subjects were told to chew gum for at least an hour in the morning. Those who did ate less at lunchtime (an average of 67 calories less.)

The chewing motion has neurological effects, signaling the brain that you are eating, even if you’re not taking in calories…

The brain tells the ghrelin to back off, and your appetite retreats.

If you can’t grab a grapefruit during your morning break, reach for a stick of gum instead.


4- Drink water

Drinking water signals to the body that you are filling up, and this decreases your cravings for food.

You are basically drowning your cravings with water… your stomach fills full and satisfied after the water and keeps your body hydrated as well.

That’s why it’s a good idea to always carry a water bottle wherever you go, so you can stop your food cravings no matter where you are.

5- Brush your teeth.

Yeah, it sounds crazy, but it actually works, and you can use this cravings trick all the time…

When you start to get cravings, brush your teeth!

Brushing your teeth washes away the feeling of cravings and gives you a clean pallette. The freshness that it leaves in your mouth keeps you from wanting sweets and treats (because everything tastes bad after brushing your teeth, right?)

Peppermint is also known to reduce cravings, so if you want a double wammy – make sure that your toothpaste is peppermint flavor!