10 Weight Loss Success Stories

One of the key aspects when you decide that you want to lose weight and build a healthier, fit body that allows you to live your life to the fullest, is to stay motivated and committed to losing weight.

An excellent way to inspire you is through weight loss success stories of other people, just like the before and after photos that we published every day  in our official instagram @healthylife.weightloss.

To make things easier for you, we have gathered here 10 before and after photos so you can access them easily whenever you want to raise your motivation, you just have to mark this page in your browser as a favorite and you are ready, you will have easy access to it easily whenever you want.

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Weight loss success stories to inspire and motivate you every day:


how to get motivated to lose weight @get_fit_lauren

Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there 🖤 🍇 My goal is to be 75kg(165.3lbs) by New Years, so that I would have lost a total of 100kg(220lbs)😱 Do you think I can do it? 📷 June 2017 vs August 2018 #transformationtuesday


weight loss inspiration @gi_fitnyc

Here’s some motivation for you guys! Even though I reached my weight loss goal, I continue to set other goals for myself each day. There is always room for improvement and to better yourself! Keep pushing and go above and beyond. Follow your dreams and believe in yourself💫💫✨✨😘😘💪🏻💫✨✨💫❤️


need motivation to lose weight @misscarlijay_healthyliving

💥💥💥💥Transforming Everyday! From 280lbs to half the size in 2 years and maintaing my new found healthy lifestyle ever since!!

In the IG questions I got a lot to do with motivation & how to stay on track or What keeps me going & how do I find my willpower? 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸

So i thought i’d dedicate this weeks Transformation post to all those Q’s!

  • Since I committed to this new way of life in 2014 i guess you could say I found my willpower and held on to it for dear-life! Never wanting to let it go! For it was a new way of looking at weight loss – and instead changing that thought process to being healthy and a ‘lifestyle’ with no finish line. It wasn’t about having to see constant changes on the outside but how I felt inside that was more important and that would radiate outwards.
  • If you happen to lose willpower, see it as a mini-break, not quitting – they are 2 different things! Recharge and set your goals, find new activities to do, try changing up your foods, mix up your routine so you don’t get board, and most of all remember why you are doing this – always remember what is more important to you in the long run and where you want to head.
  • For me sticking at this journey was about bettering my life, my health and my body everyday, not just about weight and size, but I’m not gona lie that was a massive part of it too – I was a size 26, there’s no hiding it, i loved who i was, but i did need to drop a few dress sizes, it wasn’t good for my health. The important thing was, i wasn’t hating on my self or my size at 127kgs, i was happy going about life obese, but i loved myself enough to be a better healthier version of me – and that is ok to if you want to change things for he right reason.
  • This is about living the best life i can and finding out how capable i am of so many more things than I once new possible

And finally for me, the only time i look back is to see how far I’ve come, and when i look at pictures like this, i still see happy smiling old me, but now i am just 100% fitter, stronger, healthier and wiser! 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡


how to motivate yourself to lose weight @thaissa.fitness

One of the secrets of success is not to allow the passing setbacks to defeat us

“Don’t say I can not! Always try one more time” Don’t be discouraged by failures. Learn from them, and move on

If I could change my life, so can you!


inspirational weight loss stories @fit.mum_underconstruction

Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that looks good on the outside. DO YOU!✨


weight loss inspiration before and after @nolongerfatjosie

You really can lose the weight. It’s certainly not easy, but definitely not impossible. The only thing really holding you back is you! Have a wonderful day everyone!!


weight loss stories @miss_fit_blanco

A little Motivation for anyone looking to quit or even get started…

Ever wonder what sacrifice and dedication looks like? This is it. I sacrificed a lot of family and friend time to get in shape. I sacrificed greasy delicious food for this. I dedicate time to get in shape. I dedicated myself to learn what worked for me in order to get in shape. It didn’t happen over night, over a week or months. I still have my hard times wanting to give up and eat all the bad food but when you worked so hard to get here it only makes you wanna try harder


weight loss inspiration pictures @rebeccasjourneytohealthy

“Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness, yet become something beautiful”

Three years ago when I hit my initial “goal” weight I had that quote 👆🏻with a beautiful butterfly 🦋 tattooed on my shoulder. Through out my initial weight loss journey I set myself two main goals which I would treat myself for reaching. The first was having my hair snipped like Mystic Meg 🔮when I reached a healthy BMI, and the second was my tattoo

My journey hasn’t been easy, and it’s been filled full of ups and downs but I’m so glad that I jumped on the transformation train and decided to change my life


how to stay motivated to lose weight @hpipketo

This is very difficult for me to share. I struggle every single day with negative thoughts about my body and my weight. I have body dysmorphia and I still see myself weighing 300 pounds. It is important to see the overall progress that you have made and not base your self esteem on the day to day on the scale. I’m so proud of my progress and I can’t wait to continue to see results on this journey! 🌼


staying motivated to lose weight @skinnyminipaige

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to step back and just absorb everything that’s happened in my life within the past couple years. It’s overwhelming to think about. Physically I transformed my body into something I never thought would be possible. Emotionally and spiritually became a woman I only read about in books.

I used to think it was selfish to be proud of myself. I shouldn’t be rewarded or praised for doing something that was inevitably saving my life. I had no other choice but to change my habits or else I wouldn’t have been alive to see 30.

I’ve learned how to grow a backbone and not feel pressured into doing things I don’t want to do. My confidence as an individual sky rocketed. I finally found a sense of style and where I belonged in the fashion community. I allowed myself to want to be loved by someone else (still a work in progress but hey)

Loving me means that you’re going to have to work hard. I spent a solid 20 something years hating myself and everything I stood for. Feeling like I was the unlovable one because of my weight. I put SO MUCH blood, sweat and literal tears into improving myself that I don’t want anything less than my version of perfection.

I’m ready to feel free from my older self. I think I’m almost there 💠