Your Step by Step Plan to Lose Weight!

Now that you know the truth about weight loss, I really believe that you are ready to start burning fat and bring the body of your dreams to the surface. Can you imagine how your life will be after getting the body you really want?

Think about it for a second, how would improve your life? How would you feel about your body?

Would you feel more confident about yourself, with more self-esteem, with more energy to share with your loved ones? Would you begin to love what you see in front of the mirror? Would you wear the clothes you want without fear of how you look?

You can get all this, you can get the body and life you want if you really commit to do what you should do, and now that you know the truth about how to lose weight, there is nothing that can stop you.

But to make things even simplest for you, today I want to guide you step by step, and show you what are the steps you must follow next to put all this information into practice and start your weight loss journey as soon as possible.

STEP 1: Have a very clear goal and a strong reason why.

This is something I always say, it is really very important, KEY to succeed when losing weight, to have a very clear goal before starting to execute your weight loss plan.

Clarify that right now, how much weight do you want to lose? or rather, how much weight do you NEED to lose to build the body you want and enjoy the life you want to live from now on?

After you have clarified your goal, now is the time to ask yourself “WHY?” “Why do I want to lose weight?”. Every woman has different reasons why she wants to lose weight, so take a moment to find out why you really want to lose weight.

  • Is it to have more energy to share with your children or your loved ones?
  • Is it to improve your health and stop worrying about suffering from a serious illness in the future?
  • Is it to recover your self-esteem?
  • Is it to feel beautiful again?

Find your reason why and remember it each day since you start to execute your weight loss plan, this is the best source of motivation you can find in the world.

STEP 2: Design your own weight loss plan using the 3 secrets.

Now the time has come to put together your plan, and in order to do that, you will use the 3 secrets you learned yesterday, meaning that the 3 secrets will be the basis for your new plan! It’s not exciting?… So, that’s how it works.

Your plan should be divided into 3 pieces, your meal plan, your exercise plan, and your mindset plan.

Meal plan: Here we will focus on using the first secret, “Eat more is actually the key to lose more weight”, so forget about counting calories or hard diets, here you will use the method that Kaelin created to put your metabolism to burn fat constantly, The Blocking Method.

So you must assemble your meal plan incorporating the 4 fundamental blocks that your body needs to function optimally and be able to burn fat 24 hours a day, these 4 blocks are: proteins, vegetables, carbohydrates and fats.

You already know that the key is not eating less, but knowing how to choose the appropriate foods to fuel your body and lose weight.

Exercise plan: Ok, here we will focus on the second secret “How to burn fat by exercising only 45 minutes a week using The Afterburn Effect”. Kaelin knows it very well… doing long hours of cardio each week is not worth it, besides it would be very difficult to keep constant with this type of training, right?

For that reason Kaelin created The Afterburn Effect, how does it work? Well, you will be exercising only 3 days a week, 15 minutes per day. The key here is to add exercises that use the oxygen stores of your body, so, while your body is responsible for replenishing these oxygen stores (in 48 hours) your body will keep burning calories all the time.

Mindset plan: In this last piece of your plan we will focus on the last secret “Throw away your scale!” So the key in this part of your plan will be to stop comparing your results with those of other people, remember that the body of each woman is different, so don’t push yourself to achieve the same results as other people.

In addition, you will stop measuring your success or failure using only the scale, the scale is a big liar, and does not know the difference between fat and muscle. So, many times, even if you find yourself burning fat and building muscle, the scale will say that you are not getting results.

STEP 3: Execute your plan.

Ok, now you can say, “Great, thanks so much Heather – that was some awesome info!” and let it go in one ear, and out the other. You can go about the rest of your day as if nothing happened, but if you do nothing, then NOTHING will change… right?

So if you do nothing (and if nothing changes) then what does the future look like for you?

– A future of going into your closet every morning, and getting mad at yourself because you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes (or your body?) 

– A future of playing exhausting mind games, eating because your bored or upset, and then restarting the cycle all over again?  

– A future of losing and gaining the same set of pounds over and over again, but never really making any real lasting progress? 

– A future of being anxious in public and flat out uncomfortable all the time?

That is not the future you want.

If you want a different outcome for your body, for your health, for your life, then you have to be willing to do something about. So now it’s time to put into practice everything you’ve learned so far and make the body you want come true.

What are you going to learn tomorrow?

Yes, I know you’re probably still overwhelmed by all this information and you’re paralyzed right now, I understand you, it is not easy to start, but I want you to be able to enjoy a new healthy and fit body within just months, you deserve that, and you can get it with the right help.

I firmly believe that the problem that many people can not succeed when they are trying to lose weight is not the lack of knowledge, but the lack of help to implement that knowledge.

So, tomorrow I will talk to you about something Kaelin has been working lately, a way to get the right help to correctly implement everything you have learned, in this way, you will have a clear, easy and reliable path to make the body you want come true and live the life you deserve from now on.

So, see you tomorrow.