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The 4 steps to start losing weight, get fit and strengthen your confidence.

Hi, welcome to Healthy Life Today.

Here we will help you lose weight, recover lost confidence and feel proud of your beauty again.

We know how difficult it is to suffer the physical and psychological consequences of overweight, many of us have been in that situation, but we have managed to get out of it and now we want to show you which is the best way for you to do it too.

We believe that all women have the right to feel beautiful, healthy and loved, so we will help you to realize the body of your dreams and leave behind all those bad feelings that hurt you every day.

The beginning is always the most difficult part, and that’s why we want to make it easier for you, so if you’re ready to make changes happen, these are the 4 steps you must take.

Step One

Commit Yourself 100% To Make It Happen

The first step and the most important to get things going.

If you have always thought about starting the way to achieve your goal of losing weight. but you’ve never done anything to achieve it, surely it’s because you’re not committed enough to change and improve your life.

Losing weight is something that requires an unbreakable commitment, you must be really willing to make an effort, change your diet, live a more active life, eliminate bad habits and start other new healthier habits.

We all have different reasons to get fit, some do it because they care about their health, others do it because they don’t want to feel rejected by other people anymore, maybe you want to do it because you want to look more attractive or increase your self-esteem.

Whatever the reason (or reasons) why you want to lose weight and transform your body, you must make sure to find and embrace them, as they will be your greatest source of motivation, and also, they will be the reminder of why you committed yourself to keep pushing hard until you reach your goal.

Step two

Learn Safe And Effective Strategies To Lose Weight

After committing 100% to change, the next step is to learn how to do it.

Surely you know it, wanting to change and committing to do it is not enough, to achieve your transformation you must learn and put into practice the things that work and get away from those that don’t work.

It is very important that you have a weight loss plan, and for that, you must learn certain things like: what to eat to lose weight, how to exercise, what are the common mistakes you should avoid, what is the right mindset, among others things.

It may seem overwhelming, but it is not as overwhelming as you think, and with our help this step will be even easier.

So, what should you do to learn all this? Look at the two options that we recommend.

Option A:

Learn The Essentials To Start Transforming Your Body

Simplified Weight Loss

This is a totally free training that we have done to help as many women as possible, women who want to learn what they must do to lose weight in a healthy and effective way.

Already more than ten thousand women have entered Simplified Weight Loss training and have learned everything they need to design their weight loss plan and put it to work to lose weight constantly.

Learn the most important aspects about these 3 key areas that will allow you to achieve your goal: Diet, exercises and mindset.

Option B:

Join an advanced program, designed to obtain the best results in women

If you don’t want to go through the laborious work of putting together your own meal plan, design your own menus and diet, and develop an exercise routine, then the best thing you can do is to get a plan that is already designed, fully optimized, and with proven results.

Of course, you must stay away from the “miracle” diets, those diets that promise incredible results in just a few days, these diets will only end up destroying your health and producing the unwanted rebound effect.

What is our recommendation?


We have researched and tested dozens of weight loss programs, and without a doubt our top recommendation is the Thin from Within program, created by female weight loss expert Brad Pilon.

This is a 12-week step-by-step program that will help you to get the best shape of your life in a safe and healthy way.

With this program you will not have any doubt about what you must do to transform your body, and also, Brad will give you access to the amazing private community he has created for his program, so you will never lack motivation and special advice.

Step three

Find Powerful Ways To Stay Motivated

Words would be lacking to describe how important it is to maintain strong motivation all along the way to reach your weight loss goal.

Why is it so important?

Motivation helps you to overcome the obstacles that arise, to do the things you must do without excuses, to follow your plan consistently, to ignore the comments of negative people, and more and more.

That is why you must learn to keep your motivation levels so high that nothing and no one can stop you, don’t let anyone tell you that you can not make it, that you don’t have the discipline to do it, or anything else, show the world that you are totally committed to make things happen.

A high motivation will lead you to success and to the body you want, a low motivation will only lead you to failure.

Remember every day why you do this, what are your reasons to change, and find new ways to inspire yourself every day.

Above all, never forget that your effort is worth it, you are doing this to change your life, to leave behind all the bad feelings, you want to love your body again, feel beautiful, proud of yourself, and happy.

Step four

Follow the plan until you reach the end, without surrendering

The last step you must take to transform your body is simple, but the most difficult to achieve, this step is where most people fail, and is the main responsible for so many people don’t get the results they were looking for.

Maybe you feel identified with this: You start a diet, you follow it for a few weeks or a month, you realize that you are not progressing as fast as you would like, you get discouraged, finally you give up and leave the diet, but after a few months you start again the same cycle with another diet.

An example of this is that, at the end of each year, many people make a promise that next year they will get the body they have been dreaming all their lives, and although they start the year enthusiastically and progress towards this goal, they end up giving up.

To make sure this does not happen to you too, it is important that you commit yourself 100% to transform your body and change your life, that you have a weight loss plan that you can trust to make the results you expect come true, and of course, that you maintain high motivation at all times.

Losing weight is not a fast process, you will not do it in a few weeks, to achieve the best results you must give it enough time and make sure you don’t give up until you finally reach the goal you set at the beginning of your journey.

Commit now before it’s too late

Now that you know what are the 4 steps you must take to lose weight, get fit and start a new life in which you feel proud of yourself, full of confidence, and much happier.

There is only one last thing left what we recommend you do.

Start now.

Don’t let the current state of your body keep away from the happy life you deserve, now you have all the tools, and have all our resources and support to reach your final goal.

You have the power to change your reality from now on if you commit to doing what it takes to achieve it.

We believe in you, we know you can do it.

Healthy Life Today Team.