tips to increase energy

Maintaining a high energy throughout the day, and also doing it every day, is something that is practically impossible for people, constant stress, accelerated society, work, personal relationships, all this and more, negatively affects our levels of energy, making us feel tired for most of the day.

But enhancing your energy is easier than you think, and no, we are not talking about doing it with an energy drink or something like that, the truth is that you have the ability to increase energy at any time, and today we will show you how to do this.

How to have more energy with these 4 keys

increase your energy levels

Breathe deeply:

The next time you feel your energy running out, watch your breathing. your breathing is slow and shallow, right? This is due to the fact that you consume less oxygen when your mind and body feel tired and listless. But in the same way that the state of your mind and body can influence your breathing, your breathing can also influence the state of your mind and body.

It is enough to breathe long and deeply whenever you start to run out of energy, to observe how even a few minutes of this practice will help you to feel more awake and active.

Drink enough water throughout the day:

Dehydration is one of the main causes of sudden energy slumps. Although it does not necessarily have to be a chronic dehydration, a simple moderate dehydration can make us feel exhausted and unable to concentrate on our tasks. If the feeling of tiredness starts to invade you, take a glass of water and look to see what happens.

Many don’t know, but proper daily hydration can make a big difference, in fact, better than taking drugs and other conventional products to increase your energy levels.

8 minutes of exercise every morning:

An excellent way to start each day is to do a short exercises home routine, in addition, combining cardio and strength exercises the results will be even better, for example, a good combination is to do 5 minutes of cardio and 3 minutes of strength.

When exercising every morning you are giving the order to your body to activate, your body responds to what you ask, so order it by exercises to stay active. Experts say that exercise helps fight the body’s production of cortisol, the stress hormone that can lower our energies and cause tension.

Rest properly:

Your body needs to rest every night to recover the energy spent throughout the day, you should try to sleep 7 to 8 hours every day. But not only that, it is also very important that you achieve deep sleep, because this level of sleep is what really allows you to fill energy effectively.

After sleeping even more than 8 hours do you still feel tired? It is normal, this happens because you don’t reach a deep sleep, and as a result your body does not rest properly, if you want to know how to achieve a deep sleep, these two tips will help you:

  • Eat at least two hours before going to sleep: if you go to bed right after consuming food your stomach will be working even while you sleep, which makes it impossible to achieve deep sleep.
  • Don’t use telephones, computers, or televisions before going to sleep: The light that comes from the screens of these devices keeps your mind and eyes in constant activity, making difficult the relaxation necessary to reach a deep sleep quickly.

Learning how to gain energy is essential to succed.

How to increase your energy

Maintaining a high energy throughout your days is very important to be happier and produce better results, so it is important that you take advantage of these tips to increase and maintain the energy you need to complete all your tasks.

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