Effective Ways To Reduce Stress

For all of us, it is practically impossible not to feel stress or anxiety in many moments of our lives. Stress is caused most of the time by our accelerated pace of life, work, difficult relationships, obstacles along the way, or simply when things don’t go as we expected.

Stress makes you move away from what you want, difficult times are even more difficult, and obstacles are a thousand times higher. That is why, if you want to enjoy a happier and more productive life, you must learn how to manage stress, relieve its effects, and avoid it whenever possible.

Today we will share with you 5 tips to relieve stress, in addition to other 5 tips to avoid it, thanks to this, you can reduce the amount of stress you suffer every day, or eliminate it completely.

5 best ways to relieve stress

how to avoid stress

1- Muscle Relaxation: The technique of slowly tensing and then relaxing the muscle groups of your choice is very effective when you want to get rid of stress. By doing this, two objectives are achieved: the muscles are naturally relaxed since you are probably very tense with stress and, in addition, you can distract your mind, helping it to focus on something different.

How to do this?: Focus on only one area of ​​your body at a time (the arms, then the belly, then the legs, the areas you prefer) tense the muscles in this area for five to ten seconds and then release the pressure, relaxing them.

2- Don’t be afraid of something that could never happen: Almost always, the stress comes because of a concern we have for something that could happen in the future. Examine your mind and find the cause of your stress, accept that you can not control everything that happens around you, and focus on the present. Is it really worth worrying about something that probably never happens?

3- Exercise: Exercise releases endorphins that are responsible for increasing the mind’s ability to elevate mood and feel good. Exercise doesn’t just mean cardio activities or going to the gym for three hours every day. It means, simply, to be as active as possible, the more you act, the better you will feel.

4- Practice deep breathing: Breathing deeply can help reduce stress and provide oxygen to your brain to help you concentrate.

How to do this?: Place your hand on the stomach and relax your body. Then take a deep breath and see that your belly and chest rise up. While doing this, think of some aspect of breathing, such as the expansion of the lungs with air, or the air itself passing through the nostrils. Hold the air for three seconds and then exhale through the mouth.

If you do five rounds of deep breathing three times a day, you will greatly reduce your stress level.

5- Play your favorite songs: Music is able to influence your emotions and moods, it can also stimulate your creativity and concentration, or relieve stress of course. Don’t hesitate to play your favorite songs when you feel like you are about to explode.

How to avoid stress, 5 tips

best ways to relieve stress

1- Organize: To avoid stress, we recommend that you always carry an agenda that helps you sort your earrings, establish priorities and make the most of your time. In addition, it will also prevent you from forgetting any commitment.

2- Never stop laughing: The simple act of laughing, even without any reason, causes your body to relax automatically, which reduces stress. Laughter is one of the most powerful medicines that exist, so don’t miss any opportunity to laugh.

3- Don’t sacrifice hours of sleep: Sleeping for a few hours is one of the main causes of fatigue, stress and bad mood. Let your body rest what you need, we recommend between 7 and 8 hours.

4- Improve your diet: It is proven that consuming too much fat and carbohydrates, increases weight and levels of anxiety and stress in people. Begin to put into practice a balanced diet, your body and your mind will thank you.

5- Change the way you deal with difficult situations: Learn to always be positive, not negative. Also, realize that your life will hardly end because of the simple fact that you don’t do a task on time or well.

We hope that these tips help you to reduce or eliminate completely the stress of your day to day, put them into practice, and you will see that everything begins to improve.