Weight Loss Training Lesson 3:

How to build an exercise routine to accelerate your results? (Even if you are a busy woman)

-By your coach Heather Johnson

I feel so proud of you! Congrats! if you have come this far, you have shown that you are really willing to do whatever it takes to lose weight and improve your life.

Although all you have learned so far is enough to start seeing good results, there is still one more thing missing, and if you decide to put this last lesson into practice too, you will be incredibly multiplying the positive results that you are going to get.

This last healthy habit that I want to talk to you about today, is none other than to begin to execute an exercise routine, or at least, increase your current levels of physical activity.

Many people completely ignore this part in their weight loss journeys, and because of this, they fail to achieve the best results possible.

Frequent physical activity is a powerful and effective ally when it comes to building a better body, did you know that only by increasing the number of steps you take daily will you burn much more calories and lose more weight? This is how effective physical activity is.

Can you imagine the good results you would get if you start a good exercise routine? That would be something incredible.

As I want you to achieve your goal of losing weight in the shortest possible time, in this last lesson I will teach you how you can develop an exercise routine at home, adapted to the amount of time you have available and the intensity you prefer.

3 keys to create a successful workout plan at home.

Be realistic: Motivation is important, but exercising more than your body supports has its consequences. Start with an exercise routine that you are sure to master, if you need to increase the intensity later, you can do it without problems.

Manage your time: Study what is the amount of time you are willing to invest to comply your exercise routine, it is important that you establish an amount of time with which you can be consistent. You could place an alarm on your phone to remind you to exercise daily.

Search partners: Being constant doing your exercise routine will be much easier if you do it with a friend or relative, it is not necessary for your partner to be with you in your exercise sessions, just by sharing the habit of exercising with someone more, share challenges and experiences, you will feel much more motivated to continue.

Exercises for your home workout plan.

When building your workout plan it is important that you cover all the muscles of your body, if you want to lose weight or tone up a specific area you can focus on that area, but make sure you also include the rest of the muscles in your routine.

These are just some of the exercises you can apply for each muscle group:

  • Legs: Squats and strides
  • Arms: Push-ups and weight lifting
  • Trunk: Irons and abs

Remember that the amount of time of your routine will depend on the time you have established to exercise.

I could name all the exercises with which you can build your routine but the lesson would be too long, so to get a more extensive list organized by each muscle group, go to this excellent exercises collection, developed by acefitness.org

Know the full set of exercises here!

It is also important that you make sure you do the exercises correctly, a poorly done exercise harms you more than you think, as you progress and acquire more resistance, you can increase the intensity of each exercise.


Some recommendations to start your exercise routine.

  • It is essential to distribute the training load during the week.
  • Don’t press too much, start slowly and increase the duration and intensity of your workouts as you get stronger.
  • Try to set a day for legs and buttocks, another for chest, back and shoulders, and finally, a day for arms, the rest of days use it for cardiovascular exercises.
  • Control your breathing when exercising, if you lose your breath when doing your routine, reduce the intensity.
  • Eat healthy and rest your muscles.
  • Hydrates your body properly when exercising.
  • Rest the proper time between each repetition, about 30 seconds is fine
  • Commit to fulfill your routine without missing one single day.
  • If you don’t want to have an exercise routine, there are many alternatives that you can try, such as sports, yoga, or just go for a run or walk at least 4 days a week.

The next step? Move to action!

Throughout this training you learned how to think, eat, and exercise to start creating the body you want, but now what? well, it is simple, now is your time to move to action.

Remember that the most important thing of all is to take action, so put into practice everything you have learned in this training, it is useless that you have learned all this if you don’t start to execute all the lessons.

I, and all the Healthy Life Today team, want more and more women to have a healthy and beautiful body, a body with which they feel with a lot of confidence, pride and self-love, we would love for you to be one of those women.

I will continue to guide you all the way to the body and life you deserve, so stay close to Healthy Life Today page and the emails that I will send you in the next days to continue helping you to progress towards the body that will make you truly happy.

See you soon, thank you for allowing me to be part of your amazing transformation, I hope you tell me your progress soon.

Your coach Heather.