This Is What You Need To Know To Guarantee Success When Building The Body You Want

Hello again, welcome to lesson number 2 of the training to completely transform your body and your life, yesterday we were talking about something extremely important to reach your great goal, the mistakes you should avoid when trying to lose weight, regardless of what happen, you should strive to never commit any of these mistakes, especially the last mistake that we talked about in the book.

But well, it’s time to continue, in today’s lesson I will talk you about the first things you should do, or rather, think, to reform your body.

These are the key aspects that you must take into account before starting your journey, these aspects form the basis of everything that is to come, and as you surely know, you need solid foundations to build something big.

So then you must pay close attention, and do not take the following information lightly, but do everything possible to internalize these ideas and make them part of your new winning mindset.


1. Losing weight is a journey, not a sprint.

Because of the accelerated state of our society and our own human nature, whenever we want to achieve something, we look for the shortest and simplest way to do it, and to make things worse, the diets and fitness industry bombards us frequently with solutions every time faster to solve our problem of overweight.

The problem with that is that these quick fixes do not really attack the root of this whole situation: Our bad habits and behaviors, and our lack of information about how we should feed ourselves correctly.

Consequently, all these quick solutions are totally ineffective if what we want is to obtain good and lasting results.

So from now on, you should think about weight loss as a journey, in which you will change all the bad habits that led you to the situation in which you are currently, you should strive and work hard, it will not be easy, but believe me that all your effort will be worth it.

I assure you that this is the only way to achieve the results you want for your entire life. You are about to improve not only your body, but also your health, your energy, and many other things in your life.

2. Lose weight is not as difficult as you think.

Yes yes, I know that I just said a moment ago that it will be difficult and that you must work hard, but the truth is that if you learn effective and healthy techniques, losing weight does not have to be a constant torture.

Losing weight is difficult when you do it the wrong way, for example, if you deprive yourself of eating what your body needs and force yourself to feel hungry all day, when you see exercise as a long and tedious activity that is useless, or when you risk trying things that can harm your health.

Something very different happens when you learn healthy ways to lose weight, for example, you begin to understand how your body works and how to properly feed it to give it the nutrients it needs and burn fat at the same time, or you learn to create exercise routines to keep you active, even being a busy person.

By doing it in this way you will realize how easy it is to look a wonderful body and feel healthy, and with the help of this training now you can learn all this.

3. Forget about miracle diets or pills.

I repeat it again, forget about these magic solutions, they just don’t work, don’t let yourself be deceived by an industry that seeks to take advantage of your fears and insecurities.

4. Set a goal and a powerful reason for which you want to achieve it.

Motivation is key to achieving anything in life, so it is very important that you take the time to think about what you want to achieve, and above all, discover what is the real reason why you want to do it.

First, what is the goal you want to achieve? What is the weight you want to reach? These are the first questions you should ask yourself, think about it, and when you have already decided, write it on a sheet of paper, do it, writing your goal will help you to commit more to get it.

Then you must think about the reasons that motivate you to strive to achieve that goal, why do you want to do it? Is it because you want to raise your self-esteem? Is it because you want to look better? Is it because you want to improve your health? Think as much as you want about what are the powerful reasons that motivate you to do so.

Then, write them down on the same sheet of paper, just below your goal, if you take the necessary time and establish powerful reasons why it is worth your effort, then you will never lack the necessary motivation to reach the end and you can be consistent with the plan, you will begin to be stronger than your excuses.

5. Create a plan that fits you.

To lose weight is not enough just to want it, you must build a plan that allows you to achieve the changes you want in your body.

So you need to understand what really works and what does not when it comes to losing weight, what you should eat, how to exercise, and more. If you don’t want to go through the process of studying all this, you could also get a program designed to get the results you want or start training with an expert in the field.

Of course, (you must be tired of being told, but here goes one last time) get away from all those diets or programs to lose weight that promise you fabulous and immediate results, you will only be losing your money and destroying your health, that’s for sure.

But don’t worry, in the next two lessons I will be teaching you what you need to create your own plan to lose weight, in a simple and effective way, so if you want to learn what you must do to start losing weight, you can not miss the next two lessons.

Tomorrow I will notify you through another email when the new lesson is available, in which you will learn how to feed yourself to transform your metabolism and burn fat, are you interested? Great! Then, see you tomorrow.

Your coach Heather.